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Soup Cook-Off


Get ready for the ultimate soup showdown! The River Town chefs; known for their culinary skills; will battle for the people's choice

Join us for the tastiest fundraising event of the year - the River Town Soup Cook-Off! Get ready to indulge in a variety of mouthwatering soups & cast your vote for the top 3 of River Town's best chefs & support the local food pantry. This in-person event will be held in Havana, South Main Street, New Hope, PA, USA.

Bring a canned or boxed food item to donate to the local food pantry, your appetite, and be prepared for a culinary experience.

Participating Restaurants

Logan Inn 
Chef Jef Marino
Italian white Bean

Spicy Italian Sausage. White Beans. Roma Tomato. Tuscan Kale.

Chef Miguelangel Quiroz
Lobster Bisque

luscious creamy soup made with love

Lambertville House
Chef Carlos
Tomato B
Savory tomato bisque made with cream and sundried tomatoes

Under The Moon 
Chef Jimmy Maugeri

UTM Clam Chowder
A unique and flavorful twist on traditional clam chowder. Made with saffron and fresh shucked clams for a subtle earthy flavor, luxurious aromatics and distinctive golden hue

OldeStone Steak House 
Chef Ed Jorden
Pear and Parsnip 

A purée of pear and parsnip, along with aromatics.
Garnished with thyme leaves and nutmeg


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